FACES Education | High School Summer Camp

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About FACES Education | High School Summer Camp

FACES creates an opportunity for students to explore a new and exciting world. This new world is created as they are challenged to see themselves and their situations with new eyes, and with changed hearts. FACES is an experiential opportunity to discover their inherent and infinite personal worth. It is also filled with opportunities to grow their personal power.

FACES is an engaging, exciting, challenging personal experience that is driven by sound science. The adolescent brain is at a crossroads in its development. Powerful FACES principles are taught in multiple ways allowing students to experience the impact of those principles in real and challenging situations. Challenging activities are used as metaphors or opportunities to try on new ideas about themselves or to break through personal barriers to success. Intimate small group work, large group discussion and personal writing assignments are tools used to discover, personalize, and anchor significant learning and make it available for future application. FACES promotes a “growth mindset” and is often successful in freeing students from the “fixed mindset” that keeps them stuck or limits their potential.

The activities offered include white water rafting, rock climbing and rappelling and backpacking out trips.

Office Contact

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Phone:(403) 627-3123

Camp Address

  • Gladstone Ranch, Goldeye Centre
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