Volunteering with ACA

To advance the purpose of Camping in Alberta, we are organizing the following work groups and we could use your assistance/expertise.

To participate in this important process and help move camping forward, please email info@albertacamping.com.


This Work Group will help organize the ACA's Annual Conference including:

  • Awards - ceremony & presentations, banquet/event. The Awards Ceremony is an important part of our Conference each year. This Working Group will help to plan the logistics of the banquet event and make decisions about how to make this most meaningful for those who attend and for those who are receiving awards. 
  • Registration/logistics
  • Educational Services fund dispersal/process
  • Workshops & Presentations


This Work Group will help us manage our website by making edits, inputting new information and data including:

  • Individual camps information
  • Job board listings
  • Commercial pages
  • Resources and Links updates

Member Services      

This Work Group will help us better serve our members. Right now we are focusing on:

  • Engaging day camps
  • Building and providing resources and Links information


This Work Group will help the ACA with their external marketing efforts. Tasks might include:

  • Creating key messages.
  • Developing editorial content for newspapers.
  • Helping to create marketing materials for our members that includes our logo.

Fund Development

This Work Group will work closely with our Fund Development Committee on items such as:

  • Applying for and writing applications for grant funding.
  • Sourcing grant opportunities for member camp to apply.